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Friday, February 22, 2008


today was a fiiine day.
my book design class went on a field trip downtown to a really neat gallery called Art Metropole. and the guy working there gave us an interesting and inspiring presentation. i'm really excited for that class, and i'm hoping the fruits of it will be just as exciting.

after that was done, i decided to walk my way back (the weather was a lot warmer than usual) and seeing how it was lunch time i thought about what i felt like. i decided to treat myself and i
walked myself into a nice italian restaurant that i've been to before called Urban Restaurant on King street because I was craving risotto. muheeheh.

but more than the risotto let me tell you what this restaurant has to offer: their HUMMUS. oh my hummus-ness, their hummus is SO delicious! (and yes... i am not supposed to eat bread since i am on a flour-less diet, I ATE IT ANYWAY cuz i could not say no to hummus!!)

afterwards i ordered some green salad and their risotto of the day (mushroom spinach with truffle oil) and enjoyed it very much. yum!!


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