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Saturday, May 17, 2008


I have finally baked something. Man was it overdue. I bought four blocks of cream cheese a while ago, and they were crying out my name. Today, I have put them to some gooood use. :)

Well, you see, I have a very nice spring form pan that my friend got me, so I really want to get this cheesecake thing right. And so when I perused the bookstore for some good cheesecake cookbooks, I found this one: Junior's Cheesecake Cookbook. Although there are several contenders in this New York-Style cheesecake in NYC, Junior's claims to have "the Best Cheesecake in Town" and so I thought why not. The book comes with helpful tips and "secret" steps for a good cheesecake so I like it. Plus it has quite a variety of recipes.

Today I baked for two separate parties so instead of one big cheesecake, I baked two dozen mini cheesecake, or as they call it "Little Fella's". It was super duper easy to bake and so quick to prepare. They have a practically foolproof way of ensuring smooth, clumpless batter and it's easy not to overbeat. Well, for me at least. They came out pretty nicely so I'm thinking this will be one recipe I will keep going to. As they put it, "Just what you'd expect: Junior's original cheesecake in a delicious small package!"

by Alan Rosen & Beth Allen
The Tauntan Press

(i will post recipe later.. i gotta head out now)

here are the photographs tho!


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