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Friday, July 18, 2008

loooooooong over due

my goodness. it's been a while since i've updated this, hasn't it?
well, i guess it hasn't been thaat long actually, but it FEELS like its been a while.
a LOT has been going on for me so i feel like a lot has changed since i've posted a blog!

YES STILL i think i'm going to properly update later, and so for now, i just want to post up some food pics i've taken during my europe trip. there aren't many...really disappointed in myself! and i call myself a foodie! but oh well.... :P

creme brulee from paris.
unfortunately i mustve gone to the wrong creme brulee place because it wasn't very good at all... i ventured to the famous cafe "the Two Windmills" from the movie Amelie and was sorely disappointed. it wasn't at all like in the movie, but hey at least I can say I was there! and so i ordered the creme brulee and thought i'd get one that looks like the one Amelie eats, but again, I was disappointed. it's alright tho. i was still happy.

now this was NOT disappointing at all. i had a very special meal while in Rome and it was fantastical. beautiful scenery, beautiful food, and beautiful friends. :)
mmmmmmm. i wanna go back!

i ordered this DELICIOUS "Crazy Butterflies" pasta: farfalle with this yummy sauce. i realllly want to recreate this here, but i honestly don't really know what the sauce is made out of.. but i shall figure it out one day. +) anywho. probably the best pasta i've ever eaten.

prosciutto and melon. SO delicious. yum yum yum yum yum.

ahhh.. bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. so delightful. and the vinegar and oil is so much more tastier when it's the real deal in italy, ya kno?

italian gelato. and let me tell you, it was one of the most refreshing moment of my life. florence was just scorching hot and i was poor so i only had a few euros to buy either water or gelato. hehe. and i chose right. :D i never knew that cooling your mouth off would cool your whole body! anywho this was canteloupe and yogurt gelato. it's not the same anywhere else man.

prosciutto and mozzarella on italian baguette. i actually wanted something else, but i ordered this one. hehe. but it was TASTY so no complaining! i dont usually like prosciutto that much, but this was delicious. and the baguette is awesome.

enough of italian food? this is from AMSTERDAM! their famous belgian frites that are deeeply fried and smothered in their famous mayo. we actually just asked for the sauce on the side, but it was very delicious. but felt kinna greasy afterwards. keke.

famous GERMAN PORK KNUCKLE. i had this in the famous munich hopfgarten. it was veeeerrry fun. hehe. let's just say that.

my friend michelle tackling the pork knuckle.

people here drink beer by the liter! i could only take a few sips! but it was fun watching everyone else pour themselves with delicious german beer!

and.... that's it!
i know, its horrible isn't it? i went to europe and that's all the food photos i have! but as disappointing as it is, it was really sad for me while i was there, because i truthfully didn't get to eat a lot of good food. a lot of my meals were at service stops and 3 star hotels.. so yeah. let's just say, next time i go to europe-- SOMEONE will be spending a lot of money of food. :)

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  1. Hmm, is the crazy butterflies not a pesto cream sauce? Maybe I'm just thinking that because it's what we made for dinner tonight.