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Sunday, August 10, 2008


i have been baking quite a bit lately. with all those birthdays and parties ive been going to. but i haven't really been able to take good photos, since im always baking at night. night photos look horrible with the lack of light, so even if i have a few, i don't really feel like posting them up.

speaking of night baking. why am i always baking at night? does that happen to everyone else too? i guess since i'm working during the day, the only time i really have left is in the evening. and, when i am actually baking in the day time, i'm usually in a mad rush! so my pleasant photoblogging and such is not happening at all. oh well. i guess as long as im just making those delicious baked goodies and have plenty of people to enjoy it.

i have a few photos so i'll post them up later. :)
in the mean time, these are the things i've been baking lately..

-batman cupcakes for my friend bruce wayne wannabe's birthday.
-vanilla shortbread
-maple and brown sugar shortbread
-chocolate chip cookies
-espresso chocolate chip shortbread

hmm. been baking a lot of shortbread. but i must honestly say none of them were really that outstanding. people liked it, but cookies are always easy to enjoy. but few of them are really amazing. haven't found the recipe yet.. and so the search continues.

oh yeah and
im going to new jersey/new york this coming weekend with my family! i have lots and lots of cousins there, so we're having a mini-reunion. sounds awesome. and sounds like a call for some crazy baking!! i want to take my cupcakes and brag about them, haha, but ive gotten some cookie requests as well. my mom wants my sugar cookies especially. but i don't know.. sometimes it feels a bit repetitive to bake the same things over and over again, but what do i do when that's what they want? :P nonetheless, baking is fun and yummy in all cases.. and so the baking continues.


pictures! pictures!

batman cupcakes
batman cupcakes
batman cupcakes


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