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Friday, March 27, 2009

Help a girl out

Hello my wonderful friends in the blog world!
I have a big big favor to ask you!

You see how I have given my blog a nice little face lift? Well I need some help in making it better! Please vote and it'll help me out tremendously!

So, you know how I use the collapsible link, aka "Click here to read the rest" link for the full entry? Well, sometimes people find it annoying, and sometimes people like it because the blog doesn't become this giant page (since I post lots of photos). I've been asking myself that for the longest time, so I decided to do a little poll! Since you are the viewer, I want to ask you what you like!!

The poll is to your bottom left!

UPDATED: Poll is over now!
And with a close 37 votes (55%) to 30 votes (45%), NO collapsible link wins!!
It's pretty close, so I still feel a bit uneasy. But we'll give it a try for a little while. So fulllll post it is! Instead though, I made it so that each page only shows 5 entries as opposed to the 7 I had before.

WELL! THANKS EVERYONE!! I'm glad you voted! :D


  1. that picture is better than the eggs ;) i love it!!!

  2. I would suggest putting the "extra photos" and the recipe behind the cut, but have it so that you would get the gist when reading it without the extra info.

  3. I have been reading your blog regularly for a while now & I am such a fan! I love the new design.

    I am really wanting to revamp my blog, as well, and I have a few questions for you if you have time to answer them. What basic template do you use for your blog & is XM or Clasic? Also, what program do you use to create your banner/header?