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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


breakfast sandwich

This has got to be the easiest breakfast in the world. Breakfast sandwiches are so tasty and so easy and, despite the greasy appearance, it's actually not all bad for you. I remember hearing somewhere on the radio that from the scary calorie, fat, carb-laden menu of McDonalds, the egg McMuffin isn't such a bad choice: lots of protein, calcium and fibre while relatively lower in calories (310 calories compared to the 650 calorie burgers..) Anyways. I write a blog on baked goods, so it is a bit funny that I'm measuring calories, no? :P

breakfast sandwich

My point, however, is the fact that while a quick drive-thru at McDonald's seems as easiest as it gets, making it at home is just as painless. If you know how to toast bread and fry an egg, that's all the skills ya need. The result is a warm, tasty and fresh meal for breakfast. It's quite filling too! As for the side, instead of sodium crazy hashbrowns served at the fastfood chain, I like to compliment it with some fruit and some orange juice. Get some vitamins in there, ya know?

breakfast sandwich

Bacon Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

for one sandwich


1 whole wheat english muffin (130 calories)
2 slices Canadian back bacon (25 calories)
1 slice processed cheese (60 calories)
1 egg (70 calories)
1 tsp butter (35 calories)
black pepper, to taste


1. Toast english muffin in a toaster and lightly butter it. Set aside.
2. Heat remaining butter on a frying pan. Fry egg until well set. Heat slices of bacon beside the eggs.
3. Assemble: On the bottom layer of the muffin, place sliced cheese, egg, then bacon. Sprinkle with black pepper, if desired. Top with remaining muffin half. DONE.

Was that not the easiest thing ever? I don't think it even needs a recipe.

breakfast sandwich


  1. omg! sausage egg mcmuffin is like the only thing i eat at mcdonalds, and we get them all-day in hk. i don't eat bacon, but maybe i'll try a diy one soon.

    thanks again for a totally usable recipe!!!

  2. heehee yeaaah. sausage egg mcmuffins are the best. i usually order that because i actually really dislike bacon. but the sausages they sell at supermarkets arent quite the same thing and they have TONS of fat so i stuck with back bacon. it tastes more like ham than bacon. you should totally make it. so easy!

  3. i just started reading your blog and i just wanted to say that both your layout and photography are absolutely lovely.

  4. totally doable... and infinitely better for you! as a dietitian, i applaud you :)



  5. This is my favourite breakfast, but it's sooo much better when you make it yourself. Add a little maple syrup, and it's heaven on a plate!

  6. One of my favorite breakfasts. Ever. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

    And I think we might be related. I'm also 30% cool and 70% dork.

  7. heehee
    i didnt know so many people were so passionate about their breakfast sandwiches! but they are so fantastic, aren't they?? :D

    heather: why, thank you! i feel sorta guilty to take compliments on the easiest recipe ever. but i'll take it anyway! :)

    kimberley: i must try it with the maple syrup! i was thinking of trying something different too, like putting in avocado or something, but i just stuck to the original. but maple syrup sounds delicious. i shall try next time!

    rebecca: what can i say? it's a perfect balance! ;) im glad to have found a kin!

  8. Oh, that's just tasty. I will admit though, I do love some thick-cut peppered bacon in mine. But that's not as healthy as yours! Gorgeous photos, as usual.

  9. Hi sarah =)
    the breakfast sandwich looks so good! I want some now... =P

    your blog is so pretty.. I'll come back to see ur other pretty + yummy creations!

    - ellie

  10. Ive always though the Mcmuffin had an odd taste to it, but i would totally make it myself because you cant beat the combo so good. Thanks to linking to my blog by the way, your the first to have done that so much appreciated