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Monday, June 04, 2007

the sarah-chronicles

1986: born in toronto, canada on a rainy july sunday. automatic best friends with older sister jennifer.

1989: living in east brunswick, new jersey. mom starts hosting awesome birthday parties that involve streamers, birthday cakes, and goodie bags. love for parties is birthed.

1993: moved to motherland seoul, south korea. learning tons about delicious korean snacks, magnificent corner stores, and the art of attracting boys. ;)

1997: migrated to sunny san jose, california. re-familiarizing self with north american culture aka north american food aka bagel bites, pogos, and capri sun.

1998: back to toronto, canada. getting to know the spice girls, the ruthlessly long winter, and the internet: netscape, icq, and asianavenue.

2000: cool highschooler. well, semi-cool at least. not yet into baking because more into health conscious food and working out.

2004: friends present a cookbook as a gift because of my love of food photography. baked goods peak an interest. baked first cookie from scratch. not so delicious. but proud of self anyway. continue to bake and confidence builds...

2007: dawn of milk and honey cafe blog. blog named after the cafe I dream to open one day... one day. milk and honey refers to the promise God has for His people.

2008: in love with baking. and purchases prized possession #1: red kitchenaid stand mixer. so beautiful. cannot stop staring at it. also purchases prized possession #2: canon rebel xti dslr camera. so awesome. cannot stop playing with it. wallet is hurting badly, but zero regrets. receives first official cupcake order for a bridal shower.

2009: 20-something. recent graduate of York University/Sheridan College for graphic design. now learning tons about delicious food, good design, and the art of attracting one special boy.

2010: definitely feeling the quarter-life crisis. constantly having the need to search, refusing to have to settle. busy busy being in love with many people and things and obligations around me, but still enjoying the cherished private moments of baking and writing.

2011: the special boy puts a ring on it and we wed on a beautiful October afternoon. honeymoon started in Santorini and hasn't ended since. enjoying our downtown life in our apartment, busy building ikea furniture and a sweet home together.

2012: a year filled with adventures but also enjoying the "everyday" together. a lengthy trip to the american west coast, and many road trips to any big city within a 6 hour drive. lots of food, lots of memories.

2013: andrew decides to get his motorcycle license so we roam the beautiful city of Toronto like never before. daytime trips to queen street, evening rides to the park, late night ice cream cones... which all comes to an abrupt stop when i find out that we're having a baby!

2014: a year that turns my life upside down, with the birth of my baby girl Heidi. said good-bye to our spritzy downtown life, and hello to suburban motherhood. amazed at how a little human being can demand so much time and energy, but also gives so much love that my heart bursts!

2015: theme of this year is: rejoice always, pray continually and give thanks in all circumstances. looking forward to what this year will bring!

at a coffee shop


  1. 2010- who knows??!! only good things lie ahead...

  2. my goodness, you are stunningly beautiful! that picture is wonderful. still reading your blog over here in nc, after your long hiatus. glad you're back! don't know if you remember me or not, but you're the sweet gal who was planning to post an entry to my friend who needed soft food because of sores in her mouth (she was suffering from side affects of her chemo). she died before we could get around to making those special desserts, but i will forever remember your kind heart! i love the name, milk and honey cafe, it is very much a reminder of god's love for his peeps!

  3. Your blog title makes so much sense now! Milk and Honey... even more beautiful that I know the origin. TOO cute!

  4. I love it all, you're fabalous!

  5. sarah!!! i like what you wrote so much!! i hope you update more often!! especially with graphic design stuff!!

  6. Hi Sarah!
    you're amazing!!! love ur blog, ur story and ur photos! go on! :-)

  7. thanks everyone for your lovely comments!
    heehee i didn't think my brief timeline would be that interesting, but thank you thank you! :D

    yes yes, i hope the years to come will be even more exciting! stick around, ya?

  8. I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.

  9. Oh, Miss Sarah the Baker.
    You are absolutely darling!
    1. "Milk and Honey" is the perfect name for a bakery.
    2. I, too, have a red kitchen aid mixer. And next to my special somebody, it is the love of my life.
    3. Rock on.


  10. sarah your blog is amazing.. makes me want to eat everything that you bake!! when i come back from korea i'm going to make an order LOL!! now i'm craving cupcakes... *sigh*

  11. Sarah, I just love your blog! Your photography is right up my alley - I'll definitely be visiting from now on.

  12. lol - i can't believe this .. 1) E. Brunswick? - grew up 2) San Jose - residing currently
    3) if i didnt see about you going after boy - i was going to ask you 'if you were single, and what you were doing friday night'

    lol - ok ok, i doubt any guy can resist, a cute girl - who is amusing, talented, and smart :) - oh wait.. can cook some delicious food.. im sure, the guy is very lucky

    good work on your blog - and food (passion and love for it - and hard work) ... cheers

  13. hey, i just came across your blog, and it's amazing how anyone finds time to take photos in the process of baking. half the time i'm a mess. and by the way, there's actually a milk and honey cafe in canberra, aus. but that's like half a globe away. i hope your cafe opens soon!

  14. Hi - I also just "discovered" your blog for the first time last week, and was compelled to try the "Baked" Brownies for some friends we were going to visit over the weekend....A HIT! Super rich and easy and so much fun to make. Delicious, even the crumbs are good.
    Served some straight and some with good vanilla ice cream....SUPERB!
    Thank you for your blog!
    Keep up your talents!
    --Joanne (Westchester, NY)

  15. Wow, your blog is amazing. Your life chronicle is also interesting, you got chances to stay in many great places. I love Toroto !

    Oh, and you are so beautiful too :)

  16. I did miss you :) Checked every couple of days to see if we had any new posts. Congrats on completing your goals. You are going to do very well. You have an appearant gift for design :)
    Glad you are back!

  17. Beautiful food, beuatiful cook. rock on!

  18. hi sarah! i came to see some pics of your famous blueberry pie but i guess you've been pretty busy lately. ya know i'd love to eat some too! =)

  19. Hi Sarah!!

    Such a lovely site! Everything is so pretty.
    The photos you take are fabulous! What camera and lens do you use to take such nice shots. The lighting is also very good too. What type of program do you use for editting?

  20. Congratulations on a gorgeous blog - I just stumbled upon it today and can tell it's going to be a favourite... I"m going to trial some of your cupcake recipes this weekend actually! :)

  21. i love your pictures! What lenses do you use for your SLR?

  22. Hi there Sarah! I'm a huge fan! I'm about to try out some cupcake recipes on your blog. How long do these cupcakes last when stored in tupperware?

    Thanks a bunch!


  23. Hi Sarah! I love your cupcakes! Where do you get all of your paper and wrapping products?

  24. Hi Sarah, your baked goods look amaaaazing! I look forward to trying some of your recipes!

  25. Hi there Sarah, your blog is amazing and it's such an enjoyable read, plus I've been drooling over all your images. Especially those red velvet mini cupcakes - ugh. TO DIE FOR.

    I've added you to my blogroll! Do pop over to my blog and check it out too, if you'd like :)


  26. hi, do you have an email address where i can contact you? curious as to whether your services extend beyond family/friends.

  27. Gorgeous blog Sarah. It's inspired me for a day of cupcake baking tomorrow.:)

  28. Hi Sarah,

    You're such an inspiration. I gasped when I read that you picked up baking and baked ur first cookie in 2004! Fast forward 4 years later you're baking such incredible cupcakes that are too-pretty-to-be-consumed.

    This shines a bright ray of hope and encourages me in my baking adventures! Thank you for sharing your posts, stories and recipes with us <3

  29. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. the food, the photos. it's all amazing!

    i read that you have a canon rebel xti, but what kind of lens do you use?

  30. I came across your blog today and wanted to comment on the yummy looking bananas I just saw but thought I'd read about you first. I grew up in East Brunswick too! And while I'm sure I never saw you because I'm a year older and went to a Catholic elementary school, you're the first food blogger I've come across who's ever mentioned the place. So this is where I'm commenting.

    By the way, the bananas look delicious.

  31. Hey Sarah!

    Just read some of your posts and I love how you fused so many of our interests (food photography, baking, self-development) into one mouth-watering blog. Really liked the post where you were talking to yourself about your journey up the mountain. My mountain certainly seems to have clouds covering the peak, but I know in good timing, God will reveal it to me. :) Thanks for the reminder to think positively! It was great meeting you on Sunday!


  32. There's actually a Milk and Honey Cafe in Evanston, Chicago, and I've had the best brioche french toast and toffee banana waffles of my life there. You should check it out.

  33. I am your biggest fan!!! I look forward to reading what 2011- brings! Your blog rocks...

  34. Sarah, you're WONDERFUL!
    I love reading your blog. You really are an inspiration to me as im a beginner photographer trying to make my way up into freelance photography - and I LOVE food photography! I also keep saying to myself that I want to start baking/cooking a lot more and experimenting. My husband I recently moved to Toronto 3 weeks ago from New Zealand. Now that I am currently unemployed, I have the time I need to start! :) thanks for sharing all your recipes and photos.

    Btw- I assume you wouldnt release that seafood pasta recipe? ;) It looks fantastic!

  35. hi sarah-
    i just happened to fall upon your blog randomly...and i love it! i'm a blogger myself living in seoul, originally from chicago...
    i was wondering where you are living now? great photos, keep it up!

    sarah lee

  36. Hi Sarah, I came upon your blog while doing some baking research at work.. I design kitchenwares and specialized cooking tools as a profession. I believe we're the same age? :) I'm an industrial designer based in seattle and I'm korean as well. Love to keep in touch, will be back shortly to visit again.

    Sharon.Myoung (

  37. Hello Sarah, just stumbled on your blog today and I have to say I really love it. The photography is beautiful and your commentary is lovely. Can't wait to continue following your blog. :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I just checked your blog as well - your food looks stunning!! I'd love to try some of your recipes!

  38. Hey Sarah!

    My name is Kait Howell and I am a producer currently working on a new television show all around handmade creations for different events. I would love to talk with you about getting involved. You can reach me at

  39. Hey Sarah!
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