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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A little poem

quincy market, boston

(OKAY. I just tried, for forty-five minutes, to write a tender and picturesque poem about the beautiful season that we're about to greet. But being out of English class for over 5 years, or plain incompetent at writing, I really can't seem to get it right. AH! So after much frustration, I can only explain my feelings in prose.)


The air smells of leaves.
Leaves that are more magnificent as they pass their last moments.

The day is getting shorter.
The sun is in a hurry to leave, but is generous with its colors as they tint the sky for departure.

The weather is chilly.
As the temperature drops and the wind chills, hearts are even warmer as couples hold a little tighter.

The kids, whether aged 5 or 55, move on.
Beaches and summer vacation is traded with trick-or-treating and Thanksgiving dinner.

A new look.
Bright flowers are gone and Autumn hues are here. Milk and honey is changing its colors to bring some Fall cheer!


So yes! In light of this wonderful season, milk + honey cafe will be undergoing a major transformation, so please be patient with the tweaks and fixes I'll be doing for the next couple weeks. But be very excited! You'll fall in love with the new design! Heehee! Thank you!!


  1. Aw...I like this - you conveyed how I also feel -and I'm sure many others feel- about this time of year very well! xxx

  2. Great little poem. I seriously have all those sentiments about Fall. I can't wait! It looks like yesterday may have been the last day of Summer...

  3. Love the poem! You're very talented.. baker, designer, writer possibly? =p Can't wait for fall to come, another first!

  4. You definitely captured the changing of the seasons well. =)
    I love fall and I can't wait for it!

  5. Hi :-) just wanted to drop a comment bc your site is lovely and it motivated me to start my own blog. btw.. i'm your age and im blown away by your work and that you've already made a sale! congrats!

  6. good luck with the make over!

  7. Aw, I wish I could express my thoughts through prose. :)

    I want a new post of your baking adventures!!! haha

  8. that's lovely, like it a lot :-)!! XOXO