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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A short discussion

Sarah the Baker Yoon: Feeling really overwhelmed. And tired. And scared. And headaches won't go away. Where's the tylenol?
Reader: Don't be sucha downer, Sarah. Chin up and keep moving on!! You're doing a good job.
SBY: I don't feel like I am. I often times want to give up. But at the same time, I don't want to. What's the point of giving up?
R: That's right. You're on a trek up the mountain – once you get to the peak, it'll be a piece of cake going down.
SBY: But how do I know where the peak is? I'm at the base and I'm struggling already. What if it's like this for a really reaaally long time?
R: You'll find a way to get there. You've got amazing people around you to go through the climb with you. Every now and then you'll find some easier spots where you can sit down and enjoy the breeze.
SBY: I'm hoping that little break comes soon.
R: It will. But for now, just focus on moving onward. Okay?
SBY: Okay.
R: By the way, I miss your blog entries. You need to blog more.
SBY: UM I'm barely clearing my full plate, here. Give a girl a break.
R: That's no excuse, but since I'm nice, fine.
SBY: Thanks.. I appreciate it. I miss them too, you should know.
R: I know.
SBY: Okay well I need to get back to work and finish this, once and for all.
R: It's 12:30 am.
SBY: Exactly.
R: Good luck Sarah. You're on the right track. Keep positive.
SBY: YES. I will. Thanks.

Yes, as you can see. I like talking to myself. But HEY it helps get me through the hard times. Talking myself out of negative thinking into VICTORIOUS thinking. If any of you are going through a tough time like I am, you're not alone. Just keep going – there's always going to be an end to it and when you look back, you'll be proud of how far you've gotten. You only reap what you sow, so let's keep planting good seeds in our lives, no matter how hard it is right now. Good luck, friends!!

just smile

(Gotta just smile and keep going. There's always tons of things to be thankful for!!!)

UPDATE: I just remembered that I had one cupcake left over from my weekend baking. WOOHOO! What a treat!! See! There are tons of good things in my life! :D


  1. Makes me smile that you are staying positive, a big hug from this reader! :)

  2. Sarah, keep your chin up! I hope whatever you're going through passes soon. =)

  3. Definitely something I needed to hear. :) Staying positive! Keep at it, girl.

  4. Your blog is so cute! Thank you for your comment on ours :) I'll be following yours now!

  5. i feel like this too--hope things get bette for both of us :)

  6. This is my first time here, and though it's already 9pm in Singapore and I have school tomorrow, you make me want to turn on my oven! :>

    Just to ask, if I don't have a paddle attachment, would it be okay to use the whisk attachment for cookies?

  7. Regardless of how far between each entry of your blogs are....i look forward to them. Keep plugging away. Sometimes all we can do is take one thing at a time, a day at a time. Just know that you are not alone in the least bit. And that you have followers who are amazed at your talent and passion.

  8. Hi Sarah,

    Keep smiling! I'm passing along a blogging award to you!


  9. You sound sad...

    Winston Churchill said - When you're going through
    hell - keep going.

  10. Hello!

    Just wanted to stop by and pass along an award to you! Hope you are enjoying your lovely Sunday :)


  11. This one's for you, Sarah.