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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


what a delightful day!!
it was a full one too. lots of photos!

okay.. so my day started with a movie! at 10:30 am. haha. i went to the Gosok Bus Terminal (which has a huge shopping area, movie theatre, array of restaurants, book store and a lot more) but nothing was open at 9:30. so i decided to watch a korean movie called Fight. which is about a couple and their marriage. it's a romantic comedy, but not too funny. i give it 2.5 stars. i was so bored. :P

here is a photo of the empty movie theatre. cuz who comes to watch a movie at 10 am on a week day?

afterwards, i had some lunch. I went to a place called Omuto Tomato which serves Omurice. It's rice wrapped in an omelette. They have out of the ordinary omurice with a whole lot of different sauces and toppings and stuff. Their gravy sauce is delish. I ordered Smoked chicken leg omurice. it was very yummy.

after that. i went shopping. no photos for that tho. too busy looking. hehe. i got a nice pair of boots. SCORE!

and then i wet to a nice cafe to read.
the cafes here are soo well decorated and stuff. soo beautiful. toronto's got a lot to learn.

(blog spot is being weird right now. so i can't upload them. but here is a photo of the delicious yogurt ice cream i ate. hehe)

i came home afterwards and relaxed a bit. then got a phone call from my cousin for a dinner date. :) he took me to a nice street called garosu street, where they have lots and lots of nice restaurants, cafes, wine bars, pretty shops and art galleries. we stopped at one gallery/bar place that his friend owns.

after we had dinner at a cool fusion korean restaurant. the food was good and i loved the atmosphere. (again, i will upload these photos later)

lastly, we went to a nice cafe called cafe byul (which means cafe star).
SOOO beautiful. it had a whole lot of cool mix-match furniture with a kind of antique and eclectic atmosphere. they had cool chairs -- always a sign of well designed place -- and little trinkets here and there.

upstairs interior.

really pretty details.

super cool mix of chandeliers. so pretty. pictures don't really do justice. especially at this size. heh.

store entrance. and you can see first + second floor by the stairs.

cool tables.

so after all this. i came home sooo tired and feet SOOO sore from my new boots. (but no pain no gain, right?)

i had a great day.
and i have so many more to go! :)

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