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Friday, January 18, 2008


it's been a while.
i guess ive been quite busy, but quite frankly just plain lazy too. hehe.
this blogging thing is definitely not as easy as i thought it would be.
im not much of a journaler to begin with, so it's pretty hard to keep at it. but of course i will continue to try my best. :)

today i baked a whole lot of chocolate chip cookies for my mom to take to korea. i baked some for my cousins when i visited in december, and they loved it so much that i decided to send it over again. and incidentally, my mom is a huge huge fan too. hehhe.
she made sure i made enough so that she could enjoy them in korea as well.

i took a couple of pictures, but the camera is downstairs, so i'll post em up next time.

what i really wanted to write about is that i have an EXCITING new project at school! im taking Book Design and we got to pick our own topic, and of course of course, i picked a COOKBOOK! hehe. well, we don't want just any plain cookbook, of course, but something different, something unique. so what i decided to make was a cookbook that's more than just recipes and photographs, but a personal, narrative-like cookbook -- yes, much like a food blog! it'll be slightly cultural perhaps, say, with suggestions of various music to bake by, anecdotes for each recipe. and the best thing is that all the recipes are sarah's-test-kitchen approved!

i'm really excited to see what it would turn out to be. i really hope i do a good job.

anyways. that was a long post. i wonder if anyone would have read all that. haha.
oh well.


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