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Monday, July 27, 2009

A conversation

If I could have a face-to-face conversation with my readers, I think it would go something like this:

Reader: Hey sarah the baker yoon.
Sarah the baker yoon: Hey! Actually, you can just call me Sarah.
R: Oh okay, Sarah. Hey so, how come you haven't been posting much lately?
SBY: Ah, well, you see. I've been very busy.
R: Yeah, but you were busy before too, yet you still squeezed in some time for baking. How come not any more?
SBY: Well before, my busy-ness was more of a stress thing... I still had time after class and in between my assignments. Plus I really needed to bake in order to get away from it sometimes.
R: And now..?
SBY: Oh, haven't I told you?
R: What?
SBY: I'm working now!
SBY: Well, interning. It's a 9 to 5 job at a fantastic design studio downtown Toronto.
R: Oh wow. That's awesome. You were really looking forward to jump starting your graphic design career after you graduated!
SBY:: Yes, I did, didn't I? Well...
R: Well, what?
SBY: Well it's been awesome and I really enjoy going to work and meeting cool people and doing cool stuff, but...
R: But what?
SBY: I miss being a kid.
R: ...
SBY: I mean, growing up is awesome. And I really want to. But what about the wonderful days of childhood and not having to worry about making money and impressing your boss and trying to get rid of bags under your eyes?
R: It's just the way of life, my friend.
SBY: Yeah... and I know it's not all bad. It's great to get somewhere and meet people and really hone my talents and skills. Becoming someone and the journey of it. C'est merveilleux, non?
R: Say what?
SBY: "It's wonderful, no?"
R: Right.
SBY: Anyways. Yeah. That's what I've been up to! And so after a long commute, I'm basically pooped for the day. So I've sorta ditched my kitchenaid for a while.
R: That sucks.. so no baking for a while, I suppose?
SBY: Well, actually I have a huge order coming soon! It's for a wedding, and I'm baking the cupcake favors. I'm really excited about that, actually!!
R: Oh! Good luck, Sarah!
SBY: Thanks!
R: =)
SBY: Okay well.. I think we should end our conversation now. I bet the other readers are getting bored.
R: Right.
SBY: Right. Oh, but I won't leave them high and dry with no photos! I know we all love photos. These are from a few weeks back when I was a bum, and got to meet my family friends, including my most favorite kids ever. I got lucky enough to take some photos of them playing. And these kids honestly make my heart sing. They really are the most precious little kids in the WORLD WIDE WORLD!!!!!!
R: ...
SBY: Yeah. I like them a lot. Anyways, thanks for coming by! I'm always here for some conversation. :)

my heart sings
my heart sings
my heart sings
my heart sings
my heart sings
my heart sings
my heart sings

Do you have any questions for me? I'd love to talk to you! :D


  1. Those are beautiful pics. I enjoyed reading your post. Come back soon.

  2. cute post! i started my first "real life" job a few months ago, and totally know what you mean about bags under the eyes and pretending to be a grownup

  3. Heh. What a great post, and such beautiful pictures!

  4. Aw - I like the conversation...I remember how I felt when I first started'll find your way, don't worry - it great you are making your own food for people anyway. I need to escape my job and do something a bit more hands on and carefree for a while... find that missing childhood again xxx

  5. :) I think that I will miss being a kid too when I finish my degree. I made smmores cookies today to avoid studying for finals :)

    I love your blog!

  6. Anonymous again...I have a question...

    You see...there is this boy...that I kinda like...but he likes this girl who likes to bake and graphic designing...and as a result, he doesn't hang out with me anymore...

    What do I do Sarah 'the baker' Yoon?



  7. who are those adorable kids?! they are so cute!!

  8. ugh can totally relate to working and missing being a kid!!!
    <3 u beautiful pictures.