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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Now taking orders!

Hello dear blog folks.
I'm coming back! But I need some help.
I've been wracking my brain for some time to decide on what to bake as a much-needed return on milk and honey, but I have yet to make a decision.
I want something punchy and "YUM!" and totally awesome, but nothing is quite doing it for me.

So I guess my best idea is to ask YOU!
If you can kindly take take a look at the poll on the left side and vote.
I feel that once I get the ball rolling, it will keep on comin'!

If nothing there really satisfies you, please leave a comment with a suggestion.

Thank you!!!

, sarah the baker yoon

p.s. I just noticed that I forgot an integral detail of Dorie's tart. It's a french LEMON cream tart. Oops! I can't fix it now since the poll has begun. But just thought I'd clarify.

Alrighty. I think we have a winner!!
Dorie's most extraordinary French lemon cream tart it is!!!
It's a long recipe and it takes a lot of waiting time, but I'm getting right to it – first thing tomorrow!

Thanks for voting everyone. Hope you enjoy what is to come! :)


  1. the problem is: all your suggestions for the poll are grat! i have a passion for cupcakes...and about a month ago something inside me got an urge for macaroons....and i looooove cookies for cookies ;-))

  2. i meant cookies for breakfast. and i have the goal to taste all cheesecakes the stores are selling in my hometown.

  3. ...anything with 'french' in it gets my vote, but perhaps consider something savory as well.

  4. Make Dorie's tart! I'm sure it will be wonderful.

  5. YESSSS. Sarah welcome back. <3. I'm excited. I think you should make all of the above.

  6. Truffles.

    Okay, fine, I only say that because I have a craving for Lindt Gourmet Truffles right now, but refuse to buy a box for $23.99 at Shoppers.

  7. I'm a bit too late to take the poll, but lemon cream tart sounds like a winner anyway!