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Monday, November 15, 2010

Half-baked Crisis

I keep buying ingredients to bake. And often they go bad before I use it. I keep setting up my baking stuff in my kitchen, and often I put them back before I start. I keep taking pictures of my baked goodies, and often feel disappointed in how boring and 'same-old same-old' they look. I keep looking for new recipes to excite me, and often I get discouraged because nothing looks inspiring.

Hi. I'm stuck. In a rut. A baking rut.

I'm really embarrassed, actually. How could this happen?

Maybe it's 'cause I'm preoccupied by every other exciting and good thing in my life right now. OR, maybe it's because I'm lazy. Could be a bit of both.

Help me get back on track! Help me get inspired and motivated.

What is sarah the baker in crisis to do?


  1. that's ok it happens to every baker at some stage! (Personally, I'm really over cake at the moment and can't try/bake or even look at photos of them right now!) On another note/// buy banana's that way if they're black you can still use them as this is the best way to use them in baking as it gives more banana flavour!

  2. keep it up sarah!! i love love your blog!
    please don't give up for new bakers like us won't know where to look for inspiration!!

  3. Though I am not a baker, I just love baking when i have the time, and that has happened to me too. I just get all excited in my head "hey, i'm gonna do this, or maybe that"... i prepare everything... and after a few minutes of looking at them.. i just put them back. I don't think it lazyness. Maybe it's more about many other things going on in your head, in your life.
    We, the followers of your blog, will keep coming here, not just because of your food, but we also love your stories, your pictures, any pictures (for example, i LOVED the picture you took from your former work desk. It was so girly, so cute, so you!). So, don't worry, inspiration will come back eventually, when you least expect it.

    Hugs and kisses from Argentina! =)

  4. >>Maybe it's 'cause I'm preoccupied by every other exciting and good thing in my life right now. <<

    i think this is the reason. it sometimes happens to me. Like right now. Makes me sad, but take a look - if this happened to you, everything is more than perfect in your life, isn't it?

  5. Post some pictures of your niece! I saw them while I was pregnant with my little girl and I went all gaga :) wanna see what she looks like now :) maybe you could blog about the good things that are happening instead of being restricted to just food?

  6. I go through phases like this, and usually I just don't force it. You love baking, you know you love baking, and you'll get at it again when the time's right :)

  7. maybe you can get people to send your their favourite recipes that they've tried. or it doesn't always have to be about baking. i love your cooking posts too! and your photography about food you've eaten.

    I'm doing coop in Toronto in the winter, so it'll be cool to see what restaurants you've visited recently and what's yummy out there!

    if all fails, take a break! sometimes you just need to recharge :)

  8. Ugh. I feel your pain. I'm totally in a baking rut of my own and can't seem to get out of it.

  9. I think I sort of understand what you feel. I've had this problem with my knitting. But I think when it comes to food, the inspiration is everywhere. And I think this website might help. It's fulls of new and different foods with beautiful pictures. Maybe--just maybe, this might help.

  10. Oh dear! I say take a break. The baker in you will come back in due time!

  11. Maybe you just need a bake break :)

  12. what helps me inspire for cooking/baking:

    i hope you'll get over this phase and to see soon something from you!