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Thursday, November 11, 2010


I love sitting in a café filled with people. As I plug my ears with my own music and let the background just hum and buzz, it's almost like a movie and a soundtrack. Life, conversation, love.


It always amazes me. How everyone has their own life. I mean as obvious as that sounds, I think we often get preoccupied with our life that we forget that everyone else has one too. Naturally, we're obsessed with our own lives. But have you thought about all the people around you just as equally as important and deserving of a life? If I have this much thoughts and needs and desires on my own, everyone must have one too! We all have a story – a history. That's so amazing! You could make a movie out of anybody's life!


When I was a kid, I once drew a picture of an apartment building at night. You could see through all the windows and in each window, there was a different story going on. One family would be having dinner, another reading a book together. One picture had a pensive person looking out the window, and beside it a person sitting on the can. I love this idea of how we're all separate in our own lives, but isn't that what binds us together? We're all the same. We all have a life.

vatican city

And with this understanding, I think maybe we can take a step closer in love and peace with one another. The expression, to "walk a mile in anothers' shoe" isn't just a cheesy way to make kids get along. Really, when you realize that someone is walking on a journey of their own, just as much as we are, we can start to forgive them and forgive ourselves.


I think humans are naturally narrow-sighted. Maybe it's for survival, our natural hunting instincts. But the beauty of the human mind is that we also have the capability to open up our minds and our perspectives when we choose to.


Try to understand why that person might behaved that way. Maybe she had a childhood filled with hurt and defeat. Maybe he's just trying to prove that he is a valuable person. Maybe they are scared to be cast aside on the wayside.


Just because we can't connect to the situation or the same experiences, doesn't mean we can't connect to the idea of connection. Haha. Did that sound funny? It's kind of like the saying "agreeing to disagree". Maybe we can agree that we have our own stories that can be so different but appreciating the beauty of it.


On the same token, I don't think it should be an excuse for every behavior. It's not like someone can say, "Hey, my dad was abusive so I'm going to be abusive. You better just accept that because that's me." Every action and every behavior also comes with responsibility. We are responsible for everything that we do, because it's our choice to begin with. Yes, I have a history and a perhaps a reason for my reasoning, but I better be ready to be accountable for it.

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Okay. Now I'm reallly rambling on. But I'm thankful that you've stayed to listen to me babble. :) I feel so lucky – that I have a voice and a safe place to express it. Thank you!


  1. Thanks for the lovely post. :)

  2. I know exactly how you feel, but I was never able to put it into words. Thank you!

  3. Beautiful post. I think about much of the same things sometimes as well (especially when someone is REALLY ticking me off) and it's definitely amazing.

  4. thank-you! this just made my day =)

  5. Somehow I stumbled onto your blog, initially searching for cool swing-arm lamps of all things, but your blog is interesting and fun. Love the "Breakfast" shout out! Thank you.